Quality Cutting, Drilling & Grinding Tools.


QCut represents precision and durability in cutting tools, abrasives and accessories.
With years of experience across numerous markets, QCut has been developed and manufactured with engineers and industrial trades in mind. We know we need to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

QCut Manufacture with quality materials and innovative technology in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure lasting quality and precision you’d expect from a leading product.

QCut is Focused on key cutting tool products such as jobber drills, hacksaw blades, annular cutters, abrasives and cutting tool related machinery.

QCut's direct sourcing and bulk buying power, provides industry with one of the
best value for money products in the industrial market.

Whether you are an engineering workshop, miner, automotive specialist,
construction worker or just a serious DIYer, QCut products will perform for you.

The QCut range is constantly expanding due to the market demanding the highest quality and value for money. Get in touch if there is a specific product you would like to see added to the range.

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